About the Author

K. Ahmad Ali is an English & Arabic speaker born and raised in Kuwait. Holds a degree in Information Technology and has always been interested in promoting better communication between the foreigners and the Arabs living in the Middle East through dialogue and mutual understanding.

He has travelled to numerous countries to acquire the elusive first hand experiences and the direct contact with the vast kaleidoscope of Arabic dialects and the nuances in linguistic differences. His travels are many and is a book in itself, but his journey to Egypt, Oman, UAE and Bahrain have had the most profound impact on his understanding of the Arabic tongue.


Reason for this book
Two main reasons to write this book are:

Firstly, I identified a strong need for such material which can greatly benefit the non-arabic speakers living in Kuwait. An attempt to reach an even wider audience with the aim of fostering better relations through education. Unfortunately, none of the books available in Kuwait guides a non-arabic speaker to comprehend the sophistication of the Kuwaiti dialect.

Secondly, to promote the Kuwaiti culture among the non-arabic speakers no matter how long they’ve been here. This book will assist every reader to know more about the Kuwaiti manners, etiquettes, their interaction and exchange. Learning about culture broadens the mind and opens up new possibilities to explore. This book will give local residents a good understanding on how to talk and communicate at places like restaurants, shops, among friends, on the phone, buying & selling, greetings, asking for directions & places and much more.

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-Al-Jarir Bookstore (Hawally)
-Q8Books (Yarmouk Cultural Center)
-Ibn Nafees Book Stall (Marina Mall - Bridge)
-Lu&Lu Hyper Market (Al-Rai)
-Al-Eshraaf Bookshop (Fahaheel)
-Caravan Gifts Kuwait (Home Delivery)
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